How will you take action in the face of uncertainty?

When you’re scared of making a decision, the question you’re told to ask yourself is:

It’s quite helpful. However, if you really want take calculated risks in your life, then that’s only half…

How helpful is for you to announce to yourself that you’re overwhelmed?

The word originates in the fifteenth century.

The etymology of the term translates to mean, to submerge completely.

It was originally used by sailors and fisherman to describe a seafaring vessel that was washed over by a…

How do you prevent the psychological fires from even starting?

Multiple people have told me recently that if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

My response to this is:

How do you manipulate your environment to satisfy your individual needs?

As a kid, the best part about running errands with my parents was looking at the collection of objects in people’s offices and desks.

Whether it was the bank teller, the front desk agent, the grocery checkout or one…

How could you give yourself the gift of emotional clarity?

Einstein’s theory of relativity states that time expands or contracts according to our perception of it.

Our sense of time is governed by the actions we perform and the emotions we experience about them.

Take a person who has nothing…

Are you someone who can set the tone?

In the acoustic guitar world, a common phrase manufacturers, retailers and luthiers will use to describe instruments is,

It’s the industry way of saying, this guitar’s sound resonates and sustains really well. …

Are you giving in to vague and unsolicited negative feedback?

Our startup recently received an email from a technology vendor.

Their salesperson published a video review of one of our marketing collateral pieces. Naturally, he offered us some compliments, but mostly gave what he referred to as constructive feedback.


Are you prioritizing connection just as much as creation?

Results are overrated and virtually impossible to control.

The real dividends of our work are paid out in the process. We triumph through the experience we gain, the growth we incur, and the wisdom we earn.

I did not understand this…

Are you liberated to engage without having to subscribe?

If you don’t have the time, desire or will to consume or experience something in its entirety, you don’t have to.

Embracing things wholeheartedly is not a prerequisite for enjoyment, fulfillment or learning. …

How do you saturate your consciousness with confidence?

Most professionals don’t dust off their resume if they aren’t actively seeking a new opportunity.

They’re too focused on managing their day to day work to step back and reflect on key career milestones.

But one of the upsides of doing so…


Author. Speaker. Songwriter. Filmmaker. Inventor. CEO/Founder of Pioneer of Personal Creativity Management (PCM). I also wear a nametag 24/7.

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