Will you allow your talent to grow in response to your aspiration?

We’re all familiar with unrequited love.

But what about underground love?

Here’s a headline about this very idea that caught my attention recently.

Married man builds secret tunnel to his lover’s house, busted by her husband.

According to newspaper reports, the gentleman in question was a construction worker who put his professional skills to personal use. …

Is the architecture of your attention and intention fundamentally productive?

Bettering our relationship to our own energy isn’t just another new year’s resolution.

It’s a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual imperative. When we choose to invest our most valuable efforts fighting all those foolish, noisy and absurd battles, then there won’t be any fuel left for what matters most.

The shadow of stress will crowd out meaning, and our lives will feel empty and exhausting.

This is the secret to personal productivity and fulfillment nobody talks about. …

Are you courageous enough to suck?

Here’s a news story that made me chuckle.

A computer engineer apparently couldn’t get enough of the sound of a first time musician, so he created a robot to play a melodica poorly for hours on end.

Here’s how it works.

A host computer running software listens to the melody it’s trying to imitate, and sends serial commands to the electronic instrument to try and match the notes. But the melodica keeps hitting a series of wrong notes in the process.

Alessandro, the cheeky engineer behind the project, ultimately demonstrated his robot at a…

How can you suddenly see a bit further than you could before?

Few things make a greater contribution to your positive inner life than making progress.

Even small progress. That still counts for more than you think, since it adds the force that spins your motivational flywheel.

Whatever project you’re working on, whether it’s training your pet, painting a canvas, fixing the house, or growing your business, the primary goal should be building greater momentum with each step. Using your own progress as leverage.

This may sound like a chicken egg paradox, but once you have some, you can get…

How do you improve your circumstances going forward?

America’s brand, as a country, is being this wonderful place where dreams are had and followed.

History has proven time and time again our dreams really can take material form in the world, if we’re willing to first assume the feeling of their reality inside our heads and hearts.

Here’s my favorite example of a dream that’s been credited for causing an important invention.

Howe, a seventeenth century engineer, famously had a dream that he was building an apparatus for a savage king in a strange country. As the legend goes, he…

What is the most recent excuse to bring out the real you?

The medium itself you’re working in isn’t sacrosanct.

It’s not the end all be all. It’s just your current vehicle. The most recent excuse to bring out the real you.

There will be others down the road. More exciting ways to extend your sentiments and advance your creative vision will be are going to be revealed to you in time.

For now, the question goes like this:

Is this really my thing, or is this just the current incarnation of my thing?

In my own experience, the answer…

How do you translate great ideas into decisive action?

Experience builds confidence, confidence enables action, and action increases momentum.

If you want to continue pushing the edges of your work even further, take a moment to reflect on your past experiences. Consider the small conquests you’ve recently made.

After all, life is nothing but an endless series of choices, so why not celebrate the good ones already under your belt? Why not remind yourself of your own relatively good fortune?

Sometimes when I’m struggling to write a new song, my musical confidence will suddenly plummet. …

If you don’t use it, do you really lose it?

Is it really true that if you don’t use it, you lose it?

Healthcare professionals seem to think so. This old expression is used to describe a variety of human functions, from building muscle to having sex to thinking creatively to aging gracefully.

And the science seems to suggests that to a degree, that might be true. Brains and bodies operate on the use it or lose it principle, insofar as human beings are always building and rebuilding themselves. …

Are you operating your life sequentially or concurrently?

In the programming world, there are two types of computation.

Sequential and concurrent.

The first is when only one thing happens at a time. Programs depend on actions being executed in the proper order to produce correct results.

Concurrency, on the other hand, is about independent computations executed in an arbitrary order. More than one thing happens at the same time.

Which approach is more effective? Is it better to execute sequentially or concurrently?

In my experience, not as computer programmer but as a human being, there is simply no contest. …

Are you grazing your days away?

My twenties were all about working long.

I put in as many hours as possible. That helped me gain exposure, hone my discipline, elevate my status, build my brand and establish career momentum.

My thirties were all about working hard.

I put in less time, but far more intensity. That allowed me to deepen my craft, grow my expertise, grow my experience and expand my perspective.

My forties are now all about working smart.

I put in less time with less intensity, but way more leverage. This enables me to scale my impact with…


Author. Speaker. Songwriter. Filmmaker. Inventor. CEO/Founder of getprolific.io. Pioneer of Personal Creativity Management (PCM). I also wear a nametag 24/7.

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