My heart is saying no, but my body is saying let’s go

Should he pull the trigger on this new project, or pass on the deal?

Should artistic sensibility take a backseat to commercial consideration, or should he put his foot down in defense of his soul?

Christina’s pop song comes to mind:

My heart is saying no, but my body is saying let’s go.

Those lyrics are cheesier than a parmesan milkshake, but that doesn’t make them wrong. Ask anyone who has had a moment of cognitive dissonance before. …

When you walk out of a room, does the temperature go up ten degrees?

We spent some time with an old friend recently, and something was glaringly different about her. Both visually and energetically.

Did she change her diet? Restyle her hair? Start a new career? Find love with a new partner? Couldn’t figure it out.

Regardless, it was delightful being around her, and in a way that felt refreshing to us. At the end of the evening, I asked my wife if she noticed the same. Her theory was:

Well, maybe that’s just what she looks like when she’s…

Invite people to laugh at what you find funny

My public speaking mentor once told me that the content of someone’s presentation was irrelevant, because anybody can deliver any given material.

What he focused on was the speaker’s humor, because humor is the only universal language. Humor is one of the few things in this life that has the capacity to override people’s native defenses, he instructed. Laughing lubricates people’s intellectual digestive system, the surprise of humor creates tension in the air, and that’s the ideal time to introduce new ideas to an audience.

How are you using laughter to…

The pain the ass known as home ownership

Homeowners are always renovating with an eye on resale value.

Whether it’s a basement remodel, deck addition, roof replacement, kitchen counter upgrade, or installing a multi lane racer waterslide from your bedroom window into your saltwater swimming pool, anything you can do to boost your selling price down the road is a worthwhile investment.

Even if it’s frustrating and expensive and not especially gratifying in the moment.

During my time as a homeowner, my real estate agent made a strong recommendation for installing a new air conditioning system around five years into…

What makes us so reluctant to abandon what we can clearly see isn’t working?

It’s usually ego, which hates change more than anything else in the world. Even when our present iteration of a project is mediocre or terrible, there is an arrogant part of our brain that insists on staying the course.

Because it’s validation that it was right all along. Nothing makes the ego happier than that.

But the problem with this misguided persistence is, it cherishes consistency over condition. It’s all head, no heart. And that’s a dangerous approach to the creative process.

If we don’t rely…

A daily doorway to both sustenance and sanity

Gallup has been conducting public opinion polls for the past eighty years.

Founded by one of the great market researchers of the last century, their name has become synonymous with relevant, timely, and accurate research on what people around the world think and feel.

If you’ve never read their annual happiness and well being index, it’s a fascinating study on human behavior. …

Just when we get there, there disappears

Dreams in and of themselves are meaningful, but only to the extent that we know why we have them in the first.

That’s the cleanest and truest fuel that drives us to move our story forward. Without it, we’re just postponing our happiness until some imagined moment in the future when everything is just right.

Except that time never comes. Just when we get there, there disappears.

Think about how many people have seen their dreams come true, only to discover that it wasn’t what they envisioned. …

People aren’t out to get them, they’re out to get themselves

Churchill, the legendary politician and writer, once said that if you have enemies, good, because that mean you’ve stood up for something sometime in your life.

Anderson, the great muckraking journalist, said that nothing produces such exhilaration, zest for daily life as a protracted, ugly, vendetta that rages for years and exhausts both sides, often bringing one to ruin.

Plutarch, the famous essayist, said that the existence of enemies is an incentive for good governance, and they spur us to be more coordinated and efficient.

These ideas make for…

Why isn’t this as important to you as it is to me?

Having been both a member and a leader of various professional associations, masterminds and support groups over the years, there’s one source of tension that always seems to bubble up.

The dissimilarity of member commitment.

And it’s funny how it plays out.

First, we get frustrated and even offended when other people’s priorities aren’t the same as ours. It feels like an affront to our value system.

Second, questions run through our heads like. Why isn’t their attendance more consistent? Why aren’t they showing up on time? Why…

Spike moved out years ago

My friend jokingly calls me the nametag priest, since my sticker is a sort of mini confessional that’s with me all the time.

It’s the funniest thing. Not the fact that strangers will just start talking to me, but that they will just start sharing with me.

People offer all these intimate, personal details about their lives that were never asked for.

Like that one guy on the airport shuttle that used my nametag to strike up a conversation, and then managed to tell me his entire life story, half of which took place in…


Author. Speaker. Songwriter. Filmmaker. Inventor. Founder of Pioneer of Personal Creativity Management (PCM). I also wear a nametag 24/7.

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