Twisted infinite regression of the human condition

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Managing anxiety is a frustrating process.

All the work you do to get less stressed becomes the very thing that gives you more of it. What an absurd, twisted infinite regression of the human condition.

Just ask anyone who has ever suffered from mania or panic attacks. They might tell you that it’s like an ouroboros of suffering, aka, the snake eating its own tail.

Their anxiety, mania or panic is triggered by feeling short of breath, which leads to more shallow breathing, which makes the attack worse, which makes it incredibly difficult…

Live the lie you love

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There’s a popular bumper sticker you’ve probably seen that reads, live the life you love.

It’s an uplifting and inspiring message about being true to yourself.

But tears ago, I’ll never forgetting driving past a car in the parking lot of my local post office that had the same sticker, but with one modification.

The third letter in the third word had been scratched off.

I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but either way, the sticker now read, live the lie you love.

Talk about a play on words.

And yet, there’s…

This story of unworthiness does not serve us

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Being the winner at competitive suffering is a false victory.

Because it’s not about whose pain is bigger and sadder than everybody else’s. It’s not about whose despair earns the greatest amount of sympathy. And it’s not about whose story of struggle gets the most epic applause.

This thing called being human is fucking hard, and suffering comes for us all. There’s no way to outmaneuver the darkness.

Tweedy writes about this his poignant music memoir. …

Whoa, not so fast there partner

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Asking for help is hard, accepting help is harder, but trusting that you’re not a burden for doing it, that’s the hardest.

This is precisely what happens inside your head. When life suddenly decides to turn you into a needy, vulnerable and helpless mess of a human, layered on top of whatever pain you already feel, guilty feelings start pressing down on you like a lead weight.

The voice inside your head starts saying:

Whoa, not so fast there partner, don’t make that late night phone call to your friend and wake them up…

366 Leverage Questions To Strengthen Resilience, Build Momentum And Parlay All Of Your Talents Into a Fulfilling Life

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I’ve wanted to write this book since 2005. Pumped to have it finished!

You can buy it here:

And if you’re curious how the hell I managed to put out (yet another) dang book, check out!

Here’s the synopsis:

# # #

Now That I Have This, What Else Does This Make Possible? offers ambitious entrepreneurs and creative professionals, or anyone who thinks like one, a much needed framework to parlay all their talents into a more fulfilling life. …

They make it possible to weather the daily beating

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In relay sports, the anchor person is strongest or fastest competitor on the team.

They help pick up the slack at the last stage of the race and hopefully get the squad across the finish line before the competition.

However, in the sport of business, the anchor person is a bit different. They’re not necessarily the fastest or smartest, but what they bring to the organizational table is a mainstay of support.

Anchors are solid and strong and constant. Their reliability is what enables the rest of the company to function…

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One of the cardinal rules of working at a tech startup is putting a premium on your developer’s time.

Their labor in particular is precious, expensive, in high demand, and usually has a disproportionate impact on the company’s growth. If you’re not sensitive to their bandwidth and constantly dump random requests on their plate, they can easily get distracted and discouraged.

Worse yet, they can get detoured into shipping code that doesn’t go anywhere.

Which makes them hate you.

There’s a tool that’s been a lifesaver for me in this regard, and it’s called the inconvenience filter. It’s essentially an…

Of course, sometimes the joke backfires

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Believe it or not, the best part about having a nametag tattooed on my chest is not when strangers ask me to open my shirt and flash them in public.

It’s when my friends flash people for me.

Here’s how it usually happens.

Someone will be talking to me about my nametag for the first time. …

Allow yourself to figure out how to get around it

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My friend recently switched from a small nonprofit job to a corporate philanthropy position.

When asked what the biggest difference was, she said:

It’s so refreshing to actually have resources. At my last job, people would yell at me for printing something in color.

If you’ve ever worked for a startup before, you can relate. Words like scrappiness and ownership aren’t clichés, they’re necessities.

Because in any bootstrapped environment, you don’t really have a choice. Everybody has to do everything, whether they want to or not, whether they’re busy or…

Otherwise that undertow will carry you out to sea

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One of life’s great satisfactions is leaving.

Making the decision that you’ve done what you needed to do, feeling complete about an event or experience, and then just walking out the door.

Without justification, without guilt, and without the fear that somebody is going to call you out for leaving when you did.

It’s so empowering. Because the tendency to stay longer than you want to is quite strong. There are cultural norms and social pressures and power dynamics at work. …


Author. Speaker. Songwriter. Filmmaker. Inventor. Founder of Pioneer of Personal Creativity Management (PCM). I also wear a nametag 24/7.

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