A cackle of hyenas coming to feast on your rotting corpse

Getting out of quicksand

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Quicksand is a combination of sand, silt, clay and water.

But what’s interesting it, the material itself is harmless. Geologists figured out long ago that the density of quicksand is twice that of the human body. Sinking is scientifically impossible.

And so, the real danger is freaking out and fighting to get free. Because each time you try to put your leg up, the suction pulls you back in even deeper. Your continued and panicked movement impairs body motion and creates exhaustion.

And over time, harsher elements like the scorching desert sun, dehydration, hungry predators and extreme hypothermia show up to finish the job.

Outdoors experts and adventure survivalists suggest that there is an effective process for getting yourself out of quicksand. But like most things in this life, it’s a slow and challenging process.

Here’s what you do:

Calm down, toss your gear, redistribute your weight, lay on your back, try and relax, take your time, use sticks for buffering, take breaks when needed, and slowly crawl to solid safety before a cackle of hyenas come to feast on your rotting corpse.

Of course, since most of us are unlikely to get trapped in quicksand in the course of our lives, we have to consider idea properties of quicksand from a symbolic perspective.

And so, the universal human issues are the questions of getting stuck in our relationships, careers or even getting stuck one limited way of looking at the world. Being trapped by the limitations of our consciousness. Feeling like we’re getting nowhere quickly, despite our highest efforts of hammering away to change the situation.

That’s the real quicksand.

And if we’re not willing to be calm, light, balanced, slow and patient, we’ll never make it out alive.

Are you being gentle with yourself when you get stuck?

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