A collection of the best advice I’ve NEVER been given

Nobody knows anything. They’re just guessing.

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Here’s a collection of the best advice I’ve never been given:

Misread the risks. Never face the facts. Be wildly overconfident. Maintain an irrationally positive outlook on life. Convince yourself that the statistics don’t apply to you. Do your work with pervasive optimistic bias. Imagine a future in which the competition plays little part. Stubbornly reassert your grandiose vision in the face of mounting contradictory evidence. And believe against all odds that you’re going to be the one of the ones who makes it all the way.

Let nobody dissuade you of these delusions, and success might actually have a real chance at you.

Kahneman, the renowned psychologist, clinically proved this advice in his award winning book about thinking fast and slow. He said:

I have yet to meet a successful person who lacks the ability to exaggerate the importance of what they’re doing, and I believe that someone who lacks a delusional sense of significance will wilt in the fact of repeated experiences of multiple small failures and rare success.

And so, whatever dream you’re pursuing, keep the oxygen of optimism continually in the process. No matter what the present tense may be telling you. Even if it makes you feel like a time traveler from a bygone era of enthusiasm.

Stay faithful to your optimistic vision of reality. And remember that nobody knows anything.

They’re just guessing.

Are you really delusional, or is everybody wrong and they just can’t see it yet?

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