Accepting “good enough” will make your decisions simpler

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All decisions carry with them the element of danger and loneliness.

That’s the price of committing. Our choices always leave people behind. We can’t take everyone with us, no mater how hard we try.

And so, we don’t delay decisions until we know enough or feel ready. Because for anything that matters, timing is never quite right.

Instead, we make up our minds and march forward. We make peace with the path we take and stop grieving the road not taken.

Years ago I wrote a book about execution, mainly because I was tired of hearing people’s excuses about why their ideas never became I dids.

My favorite chapter was, the best choice is the decision to stop choosing. It was a reminder that the endless tangle of anxiety, regret and second guessing wasn’t worth it.

Who cares if there’s something better around the corner? We can’t go through life regretting every decision we make just because it might not have been the best possible choice. It’ll eat us up inside like a tapeworm.

Better to just make a choice and get on with our lives comfortably, as opposed to being plagued by doubt, wondering about what could have been a marginally better option.

Just own it.

When will you realize that accepting good enough will make your decisions simpler?

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