Allowing for a more broadly defined conception of my ideal self

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If our dream is too small, we’ll become unconsciously locked into a single, narrow path and insulate ourselves from future opportunity and growth.

But if our dream is too big, we’ll become overwhelmed by option anxiety, vision ourselves into paralysis and get nowhere.

The secret, then, is crafting a dream that’s specific enough to feel like the destination is unique and personal and achievable, but broad enough to feel like the destination could be reached through any number of paths that would make us feel proud of our efforts.

Over the years, I’ve attempted to write a purpose statement for my dream on a number of occasions. But although the process was typically inspiring and meaningful at the onset, usually within a few months, something would change. The dream would fade or grow or evolve or pivot to a form that I didn’t foresee.

And I’d have to go back to the drawing board. Which would feel redundant and frustrating and pointless. Not exactly the best mental state for imagining my ideal future.

But that’s when it occurred to me.

Framing the architecture of my dream was just as important as the finding the ambition to pursue it. It was simply a matter of language.

After all, all transformation is linguistic. And any alternative future comes to pass by having a conversation that we’ve never had before. Even if that conversation is with ourselves.

And so, thanks to a series of exercises from my coaching friend, I eventually created a new purpose statement.

I am creating a fulfilling career that is engaging and inspiring to myself and others, integrates all of my gifts and provides me with a sense of stability and freedom.

That vision, I can get behind. That vision, I can execute against forever. And that vision, I can repeat to myself over and over throughout the day.

Because the destination is small enough to attain, but big enough to approach from whatever path makes the most sense for me.

It allows for a more broadly defined conception of my ideal self.

Have you given enough thought to the architecture of your dream?

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