An agonizing reminder that you’re doing the right work

How to Bet on Yourself and Win, Or Not

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When you do anything risky, you can count on agonizing moments of uncertainty and frustration and irregularity.

That’s the price of gambling on yourself. There are no guarantees. Everything you do is a public bet with your imagination. Every project you launch is another frisbee out the window.

No wonder it’s so scary to hire yourself.

And yet, as stressful as those feelings can be, they’re also a powerful source of validation. They’re a reminder that you’re doing the right work.

But the people who only take on riskless projects devoid of any semblance of blood and hunger and risk and daring, they never feel that way. Ever. Their mediocrity comes at the cost of their own sense of aliveness.

The challenge, then, is developing the emotional security that acts as the base for these risky ventures.

Maslow published his groundbreaking paper on this very subject back in the forties. His research found that emotionally secure people didn’t perceive the world as a threatening jungle where most human beings were dangerous and selfish. Rather, their general happiness isn’t shaken by the disturbances in the fabric of their life. They’re at home in the world. They expect good to happen. And when it doesn’t, they have the ability to manage strong impulses and feelings and bounce back quickly.

However, emotionally secure people also apologize when they’re wrong. They confess their limitations. They’re willing to immerse themselves in other people’s points of view. And they ultimately befriend their inner critic by listening to it and extracting the value behind the criticism.

That’s why they take risks with their endeavors. Because they trust their psychological foundation to support them during times of uncertainty.

Mediocre people don’t do that.

Can you endure the sacrifice, risk and adventure that commitment entails?

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