Approaching your anxiety as a doorway to deeper meaning

Hurry up and relax

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When I was in my twenties, working nonstop, building my business from the ground up, I struggled with significant stress related illnesses.

To the point of medication and hospitalization.

Thankfully, my physician referred me to a prominent hypnotherapist who specialized in helping young professionals cope with their newly found anxieties in the working world.

And after our first few sessions, I quickly learned that running in anguish from anxiety was futile. It’s part and parcel of life, he told me, and it will not go away any more than your breath will go away.

In fact, anxiety is very similar to breathing, physiologically. It’s something we can treat as sign that our system is alive. It’s a reminder that we’re human and fragile and imperfect, and if we felt nothing, that would be true cause for concern.

And so, instead of exhausting myself trying to swim against the tide, I began to follow anxiety to wherever it lead me. I became an expert on my own stress. I sought out anxiety as a doorway to deeper meaning and understanding. I formed an alchemy where the lead of my worry turned into the gold of my heightened consciousness.

Slowly, these strategies worked. They helped me create a healthier relationship with my stress. And after many years of dedicated inner work, the pain plummeted from an eight to a one.

All because I stopped swimming against the current and started surfing it.

How are you approaching your anxiety as a doorway to deeper meaning?

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