Are you a summer or a winter?

Would we want to work with this guy every day for the next few years?

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Despite living in a post binary world, it can be a useful exercise to create one to improve our decision making process.

Imagine the corporate hiring manager. Every week she receives hundreds of applications and resumes, conducts dozens of phone and video interviews and spends the majority of her days sitting across the table from prospective team members.

And all things being equal, assuming every candidate who makes it to the final cut is relatively insightful and savvy and strategic, the final decision will most likely come down to one thing:

Would we want to work with this guy every day for the next few years? Is he the kind of person we would actually enjoy spending a third of our waking lives with?

And so, while there is no single system can cleanly capture human nature into two categories, let’s for the sake of the argument, assume that there are two types of people.

Summers and winters.

The first group are people who make it summer for our souls. They allow the sun to shine within their spirit, and we can’t help but stand joyfully defenseless in their light. Exchanges with these folks enlarge our horizons and loosen the limitations around our hearts. Just being in their presence positively affects our energy and rhythm. We almost seem to grow nobler and purer for having met them.

The other category are people who make winter for our souls. Stuck in the perpetual twilight zone of despair, they apparently lack the innate human ability to be an enjoyable person to spend time with. It’s goddamn exhausting. Generous thoughts about others do not survive in their presence. And their inability to naturally evoke even a remote sense of comfort during a period of extended interaction sucks the life out of a room like a dour succubus.

Which person would you rather hire?

That’s the benefit of binaries.

They aren’t perfect, but they do make our decisions easier.

And most of us already work hard enough.

Are you a summer or a winter?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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