Are you being vulnerable enough to acknowledge your own needs?

Pay yo’ self first

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When you work for yourself, it’s dangerously easy not to give yourself the gift of time off.

That’s the nature of the modern workforce. In a freelance economy, you only eat what you kill. The demands of the enterprise rest solely on your shoulders. Being your own boss demands unremitting effort, constant commitment and deep diligence.

And so, on any given day, you feel like you need a excuse to be compassionate towards yourself. Like you have to earn the right to press the pause button.

But that’s crazy talk. Being kind to yourself isn’t an indulgence. You are entitled to have your needs met. Especially as the owner of the business. You aren’t obligated to justify and apologize for the actions, demands and needs that most people would find quite acceptable.

You have to pay yourself first. You have to find the wherewithal to respect your own needs as much as the needs of your work. Otherwise your career will implode on itself.

Take it from a guy who was hospitalized multiple times for stress related injuries. It’s not worth it. Here’s a simple but powerful litmus test to gauge your professional compassion towards yourself.

If I had a boss that treated me like I treat myself, would I still be working there?

I once worked for a marketing agency that famously bribed its unhappy, overworked and underpaid employees with free food. It was a nice gesture, but they couldn’t fool me. Working all weekend for nothing but free pizza and isn’t a hackathon, it’s a toxic work environment.

Our own needs shouldn’t insult us. We have to treat ourselves as we wish to be treated.

Are you being vulnerable enough to acknowledge your own needs?

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