Are you doing what you do from a place of joy and abundance?

Maybe from a place of proving and striving

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Phelps is the most decorated olympian in history.

After twenty five years of work, he’s earned all the medals, shattered all the records, won all the awards and secured his spot in the history books as one of the most elite athletes of our time.

Mission accomplished.

And yet, that doesn’t mean he’s finished swimming. Far from it. Even in his retirement, the guy still shows up to the pool. Every day.

The only difference is, now the pool holds a different meaning.

Phelps swims because he loves it, not because he desperately needs the world to love him for it.

And that’s the most inspiring part about his journey. He proves that once we’ve done enough to be okay with ourselves, we don’t necessarily have to stop doing the thing we do. We simply make the choice to shift the way we do it.

That’s the unexpected reward of success. Our brain chemistry changes. After a certain number of years, the motivational priorities of our mind get permanently altered. The reasons that used to drive grow old and lose their power.

And suddenly, we’re free to do things from a newer and cleaner and richer place.

We can show up at the pool not because we have to, not because we need to, not because we’re expected to and not because it’s our job.

But because we want to. Because we love it. Because it’s who we are in our bones.

The effort doesn’t come from a place that’s in any way unwholesome.

Our nervousness can find a place of rest and allow the soul to appear.

Are you doing what you do from a place of joy and abundance, or from a place of proving and striving?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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