Are you possessed by a prosperous heart?

You can’t believe you just got a check for that amount

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A consultant friend of mine loves to say that the day you’re pricing structure is perfect is:

When the client is thinking they’re getting a bargain, and you’re thinking that you can’t believe you just got a check for that amount.

For many years, I assumed that was the ideal financial situation. But the more learned about how abundance and gratitude and wealth worked, the more I disagreed.

Because my goal is to develop a relationship with money that supports and enhances my overall experience of prosperity. And so, when fortune’s loving countenance looks upon me, the last thing I want to do is blink in disbelief.

Cameron’s book of prayers was pivotal in molding my attitude towards this issue. She taught me that to bless a situation is to claim its inner, hidden reality. That we should surrender our sense of adversity and count our good fortune at every turn. And we should accept the wealth that is offered to us and rejoice in its appearance.

It’s one of the ways we remind ourselves that we are partnered by a loving universe.

Now that I understand that, whenever a check comes in the mail, there’s a moment. Instead of thinking to myself what a coup it was, laughing about how gullible my sucker client was to pay me that sum of money for doing something that I would have gladly done for free, I hold up that check and recite the following mantra.

Money is flowing into my life from all directions. My life is abundant in multiple ways. And there are many doors through which my prosperity comes to me.

That’s the experience of prosperity that I want to have. One that focuses on the small increments of good which come to me daily.

Hyde said it best:

The forest’s abundance is a consequence of man treating its wealth as a gift.

Are you possessed by a prosperous heart?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
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