Are you quitting because it’s hard, or because it’s right?

Rolling the rock up the hill

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Gilmore famously said that golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass.

But the reality is, golf simply requires a ton of practice. Daily devotion to doing the work. That’s the only real way to achieve any kind of permanent success with your swing.

Without that level of repetition, you’ll never commit that skill to muscle memory. You’ll perpetually hit shanks at the driving range. You’ll become so frustrated that you’ll quit playing the game before you even get chance to hit the lynx and shoot par. And you’ll inevitably wind up in the clubhouse, drinking a craft beer, watching the pros crush it on television, wondering why you’re not as good.

It’s like rolling a boulder up a hill. If you stop pushing too early, it’s just going to roll back to the bottom. And by the time you get there, there’s no way you’re going to feel like schlepping that boulder all the way back up. So you just give up.

Interestingly, the creative process works in the same way. If you don’t spend enough time practicing your craft, you’ll never dig deep enough below the surface to unlock your finest expressions. You’ll just assume that the output you came up with in your meager burst of creating was the best that you could do. And you’ll judge yourself as a mediocre artist.

When the reality is, had you just stuck with it for another twenty or sixty or ninety minutes, you might have actually uncovered something special. Had you kept pushing the rock up the hill, kept hitting buckets of balls until the driving range turned off the lights, you might have actually found a swing that was worth playing with.

Are you quitting because it’s hard, or because it’s right?

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