Are you ready to rewrite your personal equation for happiness?

Don’t find it, release it

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Happiness is the true foundation of existence. Maximizing it is the only reasonable goal in life. Every other desire is sought after only because we expect that it will make us happier.

No matter how we rationalize what we want in life, be it money or freedom or sex or health, ultimately, all roads lead back to the same destination. Humans want to be happy. Period.

The irony is, happiness has a surprisingly bad reputation. It’s not morally appropriate. Throw a rock and you’ll find people and organizations and even entire cultures that demonize happiness as selfish and, superficial, hedonistic, complacent, uninteresting and naïve. Claiming it’s just another opiate to numb the pain.

But let’s stop kidding ourselves. Whatever we say we want, it’s just a substrate for happiness. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, there’s everything right with that. Because if you read the premier study on the benefits of frequent positive affect, happy individuals are actually more engaged with the world, more altruistic, more likely to volunteer, better team members at work, less isolated and less preoccupied with their own personal problems.

So why the long way around? Why not aim for happiness in the first place? Perhaps it’s time to accept our native wiring and cut out all the intermediaries. Because happiness isn’t something we pursue, it’s something we allow.

We don’t find it, we release it.

Are you ready to rewrite your personal equation for happiness?

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