Are you rebelling because you want to, or because you’re hiding behind it?

Nice flag you got there

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When you’re a headstrong, idiosyncratic, antiauthoritarian artist type, somebody who solely chooses to do things as an expression of their identity, there’s always that gnawing restlessness in the back of your mind.

These are the questions that arise.

Are you hiding behind your rebel flag? Is your attitude just a smokescreen for the fear that you can’t handle whatever real life may bring you? And what if not caring and rejecting the game and going your own way is really just code for settling and taking the easy way out?

These are all reasonable questions. Even the most idealistic of minds recognizes the need to appraise personal choices through the filter of honesty, reality and practicality.

The challenge is whether all of this appraising is really necessary. Because there’s a difference between a thought that’s reasonable, and a thought that serves you. There’s a difference between keeping yourself in check, and deflecting yourself from pursuing your most important intentions.

Actually, if you’re legitimately concerned that you’ve been cheating yourself out of meaningful life experiences by refusing to play by other people’s rules, float a trial balloon.

Practice with low threat opportunities. Run an identity experiment for a short period of time.

Who knows? You might have multiple panic attacks and instantly reaffirm your stance on individualism, or you might love it and discover you’ve been missing out on a feeling that could become your best companion.

But at least you’ll know. At least you’ll live with the knowledge that you tried.

Unlike those afraid to courageously step across the borders of their identity and into the unknown.

Remember, reality is always kinder than the story we tell ourselves about it.

And there’s only one way to find out.

Are you rebelling because you want to, or because you’re hiding behind it?

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