Are you still imprisoned by the tyranny of being picked?

Do What Satchel Would Do

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Satchel had a blazing fastball, but was also a hell of an entrepreneur.

He pitched professionally for the first ten years of his career, until he became entangled in a salary dispute with the negro league. And that ultimately resulted in him being banned for breaking his contract and jumping teams.

However, during that winter season, an independent promoter approached the great pitcher to headline a new all star team. The deal was, the team would play a series of exhibition games, touring around the country on off days, filling up small town stadiums, wowing fans, having a blast, even making a nice chunk of money.

Paige simply had to be willing to hire himself. To initiate. To build his own platform and attract his own audience. And in so doing, prove to the world that he didn’t need the major leagues to tell him what he was worth.

It was barnstorming at its finest. People willing to operate outside the framework of an established league. And of course, modern athletic clubs don’t do it as much as they used to. But for the athletes of the mind and heart, for the entrepreneurs and artists and freelancers, there has never been a better time in history to barnstorm.

The technology is there. The platforms are there. The audience is there. They just need somebody bold enough to opt out of the mainstream and hire themselves.

And so, instead of buying tickets for the starving artist lottery, just go out there and create a market for what you love. Learn which of the mainstream hoops aren’t worth jumping through.

And instead of sitting back and waiting for the major league to stamp your creative passport and tell us your art is okay, forge ahead without stopping.

Are you still imprisoned by the tyranny of being picked?

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Scott Ginsberg
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