Are you trying to live through your changes without experiencing them?

Abandoning yourself in trying times

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Cameron’s book on transitions is a collection of empowerment prayers on the nature of change and coping.

One of the arguments she makes is how we mistakenly become so focused on life as we year for it, that we neglect to live the life that we have. We think to ourselves, okay, well, once this is over, then I’ll get on with my life.

Once this is over, then I’ll get back to being kind and accepting and forgiving and compassionate towards myself.

But that’s just kicking the can down the road of our own happiness.

It’s the eternal promise of things that come, but never quite arrive. Craving the comfort of desired events and outcomes.

In so doing, she writes, we ignore the uncomfortable but exhilarating gifts of living life as a continually unfolding process in which all moments are valuable. Absorbed in our inner movie, we miss the many minute transformations that enrich and ennoble our lives.

And that’s where frustration is born. Out of our patent refusal to accept life’s seasons as they come to us. The healthier and smarter response is to align ourselves with events as they are unfolding. To believe in a benevolent future despite our shaken faith.

During my own times of transition, this mindset has been crucial. I’ve been learning to trust the tempo of my own timing. To notice and name the seasons of my life, let them to come and go like weather patterns, and to allow life to show me the new way to move forward.

In fact, it’s a series of choices.

Choosing to believe in my own resilience.
Choosing to cooperate with my healing.
Choosing to trust the generosity of life.
Choosing not abandon myself during these trying times.
Choosing to believe there is wisdom in the unfolding of events exactly as they are.

And while these choices may not help the transition happen any faster; they do keep me present to life during the process, which is what changes my relationship to time in the first place.

Remember, it’s no use wasting what you’ve got on an ideal that you’ll never reach.

Try being happy right now.

Are you trying to live through your changes without experiencing them?
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