Are you under earning to feel morally superior to those who have money?

Guilty as charged

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We declare that money is not that important. There are more valuable things in life. That it’s noble to take a vow of poverty. That there’s pride in living on a shoestring. And that making a good living isn’t the sole arbiter of happiness and fulfillment.

But while those beliefs might be true, there’s a fine line between false modesty and financial irresponsibility.

A mentor of mine recently asked me if I was under earning to feel morally superior to those who have money. Guilty as charged. That described my behavior exactly. It was reverse snobbery at its finest. I was under earning to overcompensate for the fact that I came from a wealthy family. I was under charging because I didn’t want to relive the feelings of guilt and shame I felt as a child for being the kid who had money. And as a result of this unhealthy relationship with money, I was undervaluing my capabilities, sabotaging my earning potential, avoiding taking meaningful risks, failing to follow up on profitable opportunities, allowing myself to get flattered into free work, giving more than I asked for, putting other people’s needs ahead of mine and operating by wishful thinking instead of strategizing and negotiating.

A textbook under earner.

That’s why I’ve spend so much time recoding my brain’s financial wiring. Money matters. It’s fuel and lubrication for the engine of life. I deserve to earn a lot of it. Money is flowing into my life from all directions. I will always have plenty of money to do all the things I want to do. And my income will grow to the extent that I do.

How are you sabotaging your own earning potential?

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