Are you working or waiting?

Prayer is not a customer acquisition strategy

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I once stumbled across an application for a sales position that made the following disclaimer.

We are an evangelical ministry, and our strategic plan is to use prayer to attract new customers.

Well then. That’s certainly one way to run a business. Hope it works out for that company.

Although in my experience, the best way to get new customers is through the attraction of working, not the arrogance of waiting.

That phone isn’t going to ring itself. No matter how much you want it to. No matter how many magic words you recite.

And not that prayer doesn’t have its benefits. Yoga gurus at the turn of the century were telling people how the repeated performance of an action created a mental blueprint of subtle electrical pathways in the brain, like the grooves in a record, which their lives would positively follow.

And more recently, scientists have pioneered a new field of research called neurotheology, which is the study of the correlation between the brain and religious or spiritual beliefs and practices.

Apparently prayer can lead to higher levels of activity in the frontal lobes, which handle focused attention.

But ask anyone who’s run a business for more than a few years, you don’t want to spend too much time crossing your fingers. It’s a complacent, passive and unsustainable way to run an enterprise.

Only through action and motion and movement do you truly ring the register.

Pray as much as you want, but don’t forget to unsteeple your fingers and put them to work creating real value for real people in the real world.

Are you working or waiting?

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