As long as it advances your ability to do what you love, it’s worthwhile

Create the space to create

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When it comes to getting your work done, you do whatever it takes.

It doesn’t matter if your productivity tool is dopey or dramatic or extreme, as long as it gets you one step closer to your dream, it’s worthwhile.

As long as it advances your ability to do what you love, it’s worthwhile.

I have a writer friend who’s highly extroverted and has severe case of attention deficit disorder. As such, she requires constant external visual stimulation while she works.

But instead of keeping the television on the weather channel, poisoning her brain with disaster porn, during her writing sessions, she lights a candle. Not because it’s inspiring and warm and spiritual and pleasant smelling, but because the constant moving of the flame stimulates her eyes and provides her brain with just enough external stimulation to prevent her from getting bored with the primary task at hand.

It’s a perfect example of identity based creation. Tapping into your native endowments and limitations of creativity, motivation, inspiration, personality and intelligence, and channeling them in the service of making your ideas happen.

The candle reminds us that we’re adults, we can do whatever we want, and there’s no creativity police who’s going to arrest us for putting into place a new structure or ritual that support our aims.

The process of creating the art should be just as unique and customized and personal as the art itself.

How is your creative environment tailor made to your brain’s tendencies?

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