As the soul thrives, everything around it thrives as well

Protecting your inner spirit

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The soul is hard to explain to people because it’s just a feeling.

It’s a subjective psychological experience. The intangible essence of a living being. The life force that reaches far beyond the limitations of mortal flesh.

I’m reminded of the doctor who famously attempted to measure the mass of the human soul at the turn of the century, proving that it was, in fact, a tangible entity. Macdougall calculated the total mass lost by six humans at the moment of their death, ultimately arriving at the average weight of twenty one grams.

Naturally, physicians and scientists and researchers around the world rejected his theory as not having any scientific merit. In fact, entire movies were built around the controversy of this very subject.

And yet, what fascinates me about the soul is not what it’s called or whether it exists or how much it weighs, but how to protect it.

Because at some point, we all find ourselves in a soulless environment. A cold, lifeless space where life takes us out of ourselves and don’t feel normal anymore. And if we don’t find a way to exist in a manner that makes sense to us, we’re in big trouble.

The secret is starting with small victories in safe environments. Even if only for twenty minutes at a time.

I have a musician friend who works a boring day job to pay the bills and get insurance for his family. But every afternoon at lunch, he goes for a long walk by the water, listens to his new song ideas and sings the lyrics and melodies out loud.

And by the time he returns to work, he feels like himself again. His soul has been recalibrated.

This daily practice, he tells me, is the most important part of his day. It’s how he reconciles the boredom of life’s responsibilities.

Proving, that as that soul thrives, everything around it thrives as well.

How far can you travel from your core self without breaking?

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