Asking what unknown invisible force might be waiting to shape you.

Uproot that shit

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Whyte famously said that our greatest vulnerability is the very door through which we must pass in order to open the next horizon of our lives. It’s the rite of passage. The proving ground. The refining fire. And unless we open ourselves to that unknown invisible force, we’ll fail to move the story forward.

On our six month anniversary, my wife ask me to move across the country with her. I was speechless and sleepless. I felt the controlling instinct welling up inside of me. Because in that moment, all of my deepest vulnerabilities bubbled to the surface.

Who would be my friends? What would change about my business? How would relocating affect all of my routines? And what would happen when we moved into a tiny apartment together and she discovered what a repulsive, adolescent, stubborn slob I really was?

Thankfully, she gave me time to think about it. And during that period of reflection, I learned a lot about myself. Namely, that I’m not the kind of person who craves change. I’m too ritualized. I eat the same breakfast and wear the same outfit and listen to the same music and execute the same tasks, every day. And so, any form of change is a threat to my sense of control.

But then I thought to myself, well, maybe moving across the country is exactly what I need right now. Maybe that’s the door I need to pass through to open the next horizon of my life.

And I was right. That transition was the single best thing that ever happened for me. It changed my life in every way. Physically, emotionally, romantically, creatively, spiritually, professionally, the list goes on. Because it forced me to move toward what scared me.

Proving, that only when we’re aware of our absolute vulnerability are we most powerful.

And so, next time you find yourself stuck, itching to evolve, longing to level up to the next great adventure, ask yourself what great vulnerability you need to confront. I know it’s hard to change what you feel so safe with, but give yourself the gift of at least asking what unknown invisible force might be waiting to shape you.

How can you turn your apparent vulnerability into a source of strength?

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