Born of the very wounds we have received

It’s hard to talk about the part of you that’s still bleeding

Camus once wrote that we are just biological matter spinning senselessly on a tiny rock in a corner of an indifferent universe.

Which is true, but while our biological conditions are not our fault, they’re still our problem. We all have a responsibility to deal with whatever spell has been cast upon us.

Maybe be grateful for it. Maybe even use it to our advantage. Maybe even use it to create value for others.

Rumi said that the wound is the place where the light enters us, and so, perhaps the highest gift we have to offer the world is born of the very wounds we have received.

Here’s a compelling question to get your head in a new kind of direction.

How are you using your pain in a way that benefits others?

Because odds are, whatever torment you went through, it’s not unique, it’s not too gorgeous to be taken seriously, and it’s not something you can’t redirect into a useful form of service.

Refocused and channeled, it can become a weapon and not a liability.

For starters, think about the aspects of your circumstances that could be viewed as a gift to be treasured. See if you can express gratitude for the very thing that caused the original wound.

Sure, this is no easy task. Especially if you have not given yourself the dignity of grieving your wounds in the first place. Hell, it’s hard to talk about the part of you that’s still bleeding.

But then again, you do help lift the curse by naming the demons first. Might be worth it.

At that point, you shouldn’t need to look very far to find ways to metabolize your pain into purpose. Because you must know at least one person who will find peace in your story. One person who might benefit from the insights, perspectives and lessons attached to it.

When was the last time you spoke with them? Think they might like to hear from you?

Look, where the wounds are, the gift lies.

Your faded scars and past turmoil might be the ticket to helping others who are spinning senselessly on this tiny rock.

What if a wounded soul, broken heart and scrambled mind became a superpower?

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