Caring for people is a useful shortcut to trust, and it’s free

How to Hire Yourself

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I once posted a proposal for a research and data entry job.

About a dozen freelancers responded to my project, but as expected, most candidates responded with the typical soulless, boilerplate sales pitch, vomiting a list of qualifications and accomplishments and experience and skills, along with their obligatory empty promises to exceed my expectations.

Wow. Be still my wagging tail.

However, one particular freelancer separated himself from the pack. He didn’t say a word about himself. Instead, he just started solving my problem.

In the body of his email, he provided links to a few pieces of research I was looking for. Showing, not telling, that he was capable of doing the job. In short, he hired himself and treated me like a client before I became one.

He was awarded the job on the spot. I didn’t even look what his fee was. Didn’t matter. He sold value before price.

How hireable are you? What’s your unique way of interacting the world?

Next time you interview for a job opportunity, instead of crafting a convincing facade of eagerness and compassion, instead of puking a plausible facsimile of care and performing another insincere illusion of professionalism, just hire yourself and get to work.

Treat them like a client before they become one, and you’ll eliminate a lot of talk about irrelevant things.

Remember, caring for people is a useful shortcut to trust, and it’s free. Start today.

How would you treat people if you weren’t working so hard to sell them

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