Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes, Day 16 — Motivational Needles

Think about it from a language perspective

Change is hard for all of us, myself included. In this new series, I’ll be sharing daily mediations on transition, change, reinvention. Look out all you rock and rollers, turn and face the strange.

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If desiring to change was enough, then we would have already changed by now.

Turns out, however, wanting to feel better is not the same as willingness to change.

Because everyone wants to feel better. Only a small percentage of us attach action to our desire.

Think about it from a language perspective. Desire refers to a craving or yearning. It’s an emotion directed toward the attainment of something.

But will, ah yes, that is the capability to do something. It’s the determination to take action, despite difficulties or opposition.

Which idea has more motivational power?

Wanting to is not the same as willing to. Only one of those two words attaches action to desire.

How’s your motivational needle? Are you still dragging your feet on making a change in your life?

Take note of your language. Consider your wanting to willing ratio.

Because the way you speak to yourself and others about change will determine whether or not you turn potentiality into actuality.

How might you create a new expectation about your ability to take action?

* * * *

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