Clear the wreckage of feelings about the past

Our history affects other people’s future

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In the recovery world, addicts learn that healing is a byproduct of learning to embrace their own history.

That’s the beautiful thing about the past. We don’t have to let go of it, we only have to own it. To change our relationship with it. To look back at an outdated version of ourselves with a forgiving heart and accept that we were merely acting on what we believed to be true about ourselves, at that point in time.

It’s the best we could so with the information we were given.

I have a friend whose email signature has a great quotation.

“Blame not this machine, for it is made by humans, both glorious and frail.”

That’s the type of compassion and understanding we must extend to ourselves. Not only because it reduces our overall level of suffering around our own imperfection, but also because once we change the way we forgive the shameful things within ourselves, suddenly, they no longer seem to bother us in others.

It’s the strangest thing. Our history affects other people’s future. And what’s really cool is, the process works both ways.

Reminds of an old interview with a comedian about the launch of his latest television show.

Louie said that the premise of this series was about the relationships between the various members of a family and the future of the bar they had owned for multiple generations. And when asked about the inspiration for the topic, he said the following:

My family is part of me. And if I can accept them, not forgive or even like them, but accept them, and be open to them in my life, then that I can accept and be open to parts of myself that I have a hard time with.

Proving, that once we finally clear the wreckage of feelings about the past, both we and the people we love can finally be free.

What might you be missing out on by regretting the past and wishing to shut the door on it?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
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