Connect what you do to the wallet of the organization

It’s not who you know, it’s what you can get them

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Spielberg is number one on a database called the numbers bankability index.

If you’re not familiar with this system, it’s a service that helps assess the value that different individuals bring to the film industry, from actors to directors to screenwriters to producers to shooters to anyone else involved in the creative process of making a movie.

Of course, the list isn’t perfect. The algorithm has limitations. And there are certain subjective and contextual details of people that can’t always be accounted for.

But as a whole, it’s a fascinating concept. Because it’s a quantified answer to the critical questions:

How bankable is this person? What’s the return on investment of hiring this person? And what will be the impact of organization’s ownership of their value?

And so, next time you’re vying for a new project, promotion or position, forget about your resume. Stop grasping at what worked in the past.

Focus on how your work will affect the bottom line. Calculate the value of your achievements. Make an infographic if you have to.

Whatever it takes to connect what you do to the wallet of the organization.

Because it’s not who you know, it’s what you can get them.

How are you evaluating and presenting your work as having increased profits, saved time or decreased expenses?

For the list called, “99 Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur, Even If You Aren’t One,” send an email to me, and you win the list for free!

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