Contemplating what an intentional culture of joy would look like

Trigger gasps of delight

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The paradox of happiness is, once you start looking for it, you leave it.

Once you start measuring it, you miss it.

And so, the solution, instead of squandering your energies trying to gauge how happy you are, or, worse yet, constantly reminding yourself of all the things you’re not happy about, start taking action in the direction of your values.

Do whatever you have to do to flood yourself with joy that is so tangible and out front, that it’s impossible to avoid.

That way, you become so engrossed into making meaning, so occupied with weaving your unique tapestry of pure bliss and beauty, that you don’t even have time to monitor moods.

You’re too busy triggering gasps of delight.

And when the day is done, you sleep well knowing that you have personally achieved the joy you sought.

Camus famously said that you will never live if you are looking for the meaning of it.

Perhaps it’s time to put away the existential thermometer and start engaging in activities that serve your meaning making intentions instead.

Have you contemplated what an intentional culture of joy would look like in your world?

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