Create a unique interface between your company and its customer

Try caring

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The secret to a good practical joke is time, effort and thoughtfulness.

Showing someone you care about that they’re worth having fun with and bringing joy to.

On the other hand, loosening the cap from the pepper shaker right before your friend spices her soup, that’s not funny, that’s just cruel. And unoriginal. And it spoils the meal. There’s no intention of attention behind that. You’re just being a ass.

In business, this distinction is critical. Not only for playing practical jokes, but also for interacting with customers and users and employees and suppliers and anyone else you deal with on a daily basis.

Here’s a powerful way to see multiple case studies of this very principle. Go to your favorite online review site. Type in the following phrase, in quotations:

Didn’t even bother to.

You’ll be shocked at the number of businesses who have zero sense of how to treat people. Hundreds of companies that don’t even bother to execute basic service tasks like checking the availability, notifying customers in advance, calling people back, coming over to apologize, acknowledging somebody’s existence, fixing their mistakes, confirming people’s reservations and writing responses to a complaint.

That’s no joke. And it’s a reminder that if you want to stay in business, it’s all about time, effort and thoughtfulness. Attention and intention. You have to dare to care, trouble yourself a little, show up when you’re scared, take responsibility for the energy you bring to your customer interactions, show people that you’ve considered their experience when they’re interacting with you and do things for no reason other than to remind customers that they’re worth doing things for.

Remember, most of life has no witness. Don’t make customers feel like the tree falling in the forest that nobody hears.

Try caring.

Have you created a unique interface between your company and its customer?

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