Creative water always finds its own level

Hammering one nail all your life

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Any time you retire from a creative pursuit, it always comes back in another form. That’s the nature of the artistic mind. Creative water always finds its own level.

And so, once a person realizes that art needn’t be restricted to any one means of expression, they find new ways to channel their thinking and create value and meaning in the world.

I was listening to an interview with a comedian turned therapist. After thirty years of performing, he had reached a crucial pivot point toward who he was to become. He sensed that he was finished with comedy, and knew it was time to move on to the next incarnation of his creative expression.

He retired from standup and migrated his talents from the stage to the couch. And after extensive study and research and reinvention, he began his second career as a mental health professional and talk show host, healing clients trough the very gifts that earned him worldwide acclaim as a comic.

Craig may not be doing bits anymore, but he still synthesizing his unique talents of empathy, energy and connection to create value and meaning in the world.

It’s a powerful reminder that you’re not supposed to be one thing in life. Contrary to popular conditioning, focus isn’t about hammering one nail all your life, it’s about hammering lots of nails, one way, all your life.

That’s what the word identity literally means. It comes from the word identidem, which means, over and over. Because it’s all about the person you are, over and over, regardless of vehicle, venue, canvas or audience.

Are you prepared to give up the old way of defining yourself?

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