Cross the line that separates thought from action

How to execute like a pro

You can’t execute with one foot in the fantasy world and one foot in reality. Eventually, you have to cross the invisible line that separates thought from action. You have to shatter the glass wall in your mind that separates idea from execution.

Maisel makes a powerful point in his creativity book that if you want to raise the stakes tremendously, it’s not enough to dream, you have to organize your life around that dream. Only through that brand of commitment can you build real momentum.

One of my clients recently quit an office job to start her own business. Naturally, she was terrified. Because there was no guarantee that the entrepreneurial career path was profitable, probable or even possible for her.

And so, I recommended she spend two months acting as if she was fully committed. Not merely dipping her toe in the water, but diving completely into to her enterprise, treating the business as a full time gig, even paying herself a modest salary from her savings, just to feel what it felt like to work for herself. Just to see what she could accomplish in sixty days if she committed whole hog.

Then, once the trial period was over, she could make her career decision from a more informed place. It was a tough gift to give herself, but it’s exactly what she needed to discover what was possible for her.

Proving, that you don’t know what you have until you sleep with it.

The flesh doesn’t lie.

What experiment could you run to see if you’re committed or merely interested?

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