Developing the intangible assets to buttress, multiply and leverage your talent

Lessons learned from busking in the park

As creators, we have to identify the truest form of our talents. We have to allow them to take shape and grow. We have to find worthy vehicles to take the full diversity of our talents on the ride they deserve. And we have to develop and nurture new talents to increase our value over time.

But talent is not a panacea. It’s a commodity with a finite lifespan. What’s more important than talent are the renewable resources of commitment and discipline and creativity and resilience. Because the more we use them, the more we have. Each of us possesses an inexhaustible wellspring of power with which to increase those resources on a daily basis.

And so, the majority of our training should be focused on contributing to our reserves of commitment, discipline, creativity and resilience.

One of the smartest decisions I ever made as a songwriter was to start busking in public. I found the experience of performing music, in a public place, for complete strangers, for hours at a time, was a priceless training ground for contributing to my reserves.

Showing up every weekend, regardless of temperature or temperament, developed my commitment.

Practicing with constant distraction, from screaming children to barking dogs to urinating hobos, developed my discipline.

Having a standing gig, one that locked me in writing new songs consistently, developed my creativity.

Earnestly performing my own material, often out to rude people who treated me like I was invisible, developed my resilience.

I’ll take that over memorizing pentatonic scales any day of the week.

How are you developing the intangible assets to buttress, multiply and leverage your talents?

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