Do you care enough to find out what you need to know?

Start anyway

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The lamest excuse for not doing something is, I don’t know how.


Because if you care enough, you’ll find out what you need to know. That’s how execution works. Ideas are brought into reality not because of your knowledge, but because of your will.

When I was in college and decided to write a book about wearing nametags, I didn’t know the first thing about publishing. And to make matters worse, the internet was still in diapers at that point, so it’s not like I could have googled my way to competency.

But I did have one thing going for me. I wanted to author a book more than anything in the world. Since the age of seven, my singular goal in life was to become a writer. There was no stopping me. And now that I actually had an idea for a book that was interesting and funny and unique and memorable, I became a man on a mission.

I made phone calls and sent emails and met with librarians. I connected with other authors and asked tons of questions and took notes and heeded their advice. I even bought a book how to how publish a book.

Within a year of its conception, the book was in my hand. And within a week of its publication, I was being interviewed on the biggest news outlet in the world.

The point is, if the story you’re telling yourself about why your dream hasn’t come true yet is, but I don’t know how, that’s a problem of will, not information.

Because in a world where the sum of all human knowledge is free and ubiquitous and accurate and immediate, not knowing is no longer a valid excuse.

It’s hunger. It’s who wants it more. Period.

Do you care enough to find out what you need to know?

For the list called, “99 Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur, Even If You Aren’t One,” send an email to me, and you win the list for free!

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
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