Do you have the courage confront a world that is not always fair?

Tricking reality into conforming to our wishes

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Tracy’s book on leadership reinvention offers a sobering reflection.

Life won’t follow the pattern of controls we try to put in place. Life never works out the way it should work out, only the way it does work out. It pays no attention to what we require for it to be meaningful. Even if we do try some kind of aikido approach, to stop seeming to strive for life to turn out as it should while still secretly hoping it will, life will continue to ignore what we think should happen.

That’s the part that really got me. The idea that we can use reverse psychology to somehow trick reality into conforming to our wishes. Guilty as charged.

Elmer used to pull this move when he hunted the wascally wabbit. He’d walk away whistling, pretending not to care where his prey was hiding. But then, as soon as the rabbit popped his head out of the hole, he’d come out with shotguns ablazin.

Bugs never fell for it, of course. He was always hip to the drill. Fudd, on the other hand, was human. Which meant he tried to outsmart life. And it never worked.

What part of life are you trying to outsmart?

The good news is, it’s actually quite empowering to be present with the conditions of our lives. Learning to face reality with true maturity, knowing the world has nothing more precious to offer right now, it’s goddamn liberating.

Do you have the courage confront a world that is not always fair?

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Scott Ginsberg
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