Does your life model deserve a following?

Show them you’re thinking

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Carlin was frequently asked by journalists if his comedy was meant to get people thinking.

But being the intellectual and artist and performer that he was, he said that what he wanted people to know was that he was thinking. To show off that he had brought himself to a cleverer, smarter spot than they had.

As if to say, can’t you see this? Can’t you see?

That’s why people loved him. He had an exquisite sense of hierarchy. He was a man who understood his artistic priorities. Job number one wasn’t to educate and teach and mentor and inspire everyone around him, but to enjoy a complete, thoughtful and joyful life that allowed him to serve as an exemplar for those around him.

And so, not only did his comedy deserve an audience, but his life model deserved a following. Very few modern artists can say the same.

George’s life reminds us that we are the model for what we create. And when we work from embodiment, when we remember that we are the stuff art is made of, there’s no stopping us.

The lights are low, come see these gifts I’ve made for you.

Because every audience loves to see their performer’s wheels turning.

Does your life model deserve a following?

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