Doing whatever work is necessary to reduce your experience of anxiety

Mastering your stress

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In my mid twenties, I was hospitalized for stress three times in one year.

That was a telltale sign that I needed to develop a healthier relationship with my own mind.

And according to my therapist, the first step was learning how my anxiety manifested itself. Mastering my own stress patterns. Turns out, most my symptoms were psychosomatic. Stomach cramps, chest pains, abdominal bloating and loss of breath, to name a few.

But what I quickly learned was, even if there was little I could do to keep those waves from coming in, at the minimum, understanding my anxiety would provide me with a sense of control that I didn’t have before. My doctor was right. Learning to notice it, name it, objectify it, and of course, love it, allowed me to nip it in the bud.

That practice pulled me back into my body and out of the mental experience of threat. I started to build a foundation of confidence and efficacy in my relationship with my mind. I started to become an expert on my own anxiety. And after several years of daily work, those waves subsided to a safe, calm level.

All those tightly wrapped coils of stress finally let go. The pain subsided to the point of irrelevancy.

And the best part was, once I cleaned up all the anxiety and the noise, the process made me more of who I was meant to be.

Are you doing whatever work is necessary to reduce your experience of anxiety?

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