Don’t share your dream with everybody

Discernment is the key to success

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You don’t need permission to dream, but you do need to be discerning about the people with whom you share your dream.

Because as excited as you are about making it a reality, the last thing you want to do is waste your passion on people who don’t appreciate or deserve it. Doing so will kill your momentum early on.

For example, if you were raised in a family where there was a layer of disapproval over everything you did, perhaps your relatives are not the ideal focus group to help work out the kinks in your latest startup adventure. If you work in an office filled with bitter people who make nice but secretly hate each other, perhaps your coworkers are not the best test audience for your forthcoming documentary.

Years ago, I made the mistake of sharing the preliminary sketches of one of my more unconventional projects with the wrong group of colleagues. Their feedback not only devastated me emotionally, but nearly derailed the entire launch.

The point is, not everyone deserves a backstage pass to your dream. Safeguard it. Never allow the passion of your idea to break the seal of protection around it. Never gush to people who are just going to belittle your ambitions.

Are you looking for people to tell you that your dreams are crazy so you can abandon them and make it their fault and not yours?

For a copy of the list called, “27 Reasons People Aren’t Listening to You,” send an email to me, and you win the list for free!

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