Drywall is softer than it looks

At least then you can walk away with a story you’re proud to tell

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Have you ever worked with someone who always seemed to have do not a disturb sign hanging on their brains?

You know the type. These are people who deeply resent anything even resembling a new idea. People who are allergic to taking risks and running experiments. People who pay lip service to the concept of innovation because their main goal is to not get fired.

It’s like the openness has been conditioned out of them through the corporate geology of pressure and time.

And it’s not like they’re being asked take morally or physically hazardous action, either. Only to try something new. Something that might now work.

But my thought is, since loyalty is a joke, since seniority is a line item, since job security is a mirage, and since most companies won’t hesitate to fire any employee at the drop of a hat for any reason that fits their mercurial business needs, why not go down swinging? Why not get kicked to the curb fighting the status quo instead of embracing it?

At least then you can walk away with a story you’re proud to tell.

Look, you’re already naked. The reason you have nothing to lose is because you had nothing to begin with.

And so, even if you do work in an environment where expressions of creativity and open mindedness are perceived as signs of weakness that are quickly preyed upon, suffocated, swallowed and shit out, there’s still hope.

You can make a law for yourself. Anytime you come across someone’s mental door with that do not disturb sign hanging it, simply scoot down the hallway until you find an opening somewhere else.

And if you don’t, make one. Drywall is softer than it looks.

What is your openness legacy?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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