Emptiness and disconnection from self and other

When anxiety sneaks in through the back door of our brains

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My favorite definition of anxiety is the following:

Emptiness and disconnection from self and other.

It’s when we forget that we actually do have a calm center, that peace is always a possibility, and that those things can be accessed both individually and interpersonally, anytime we want.

But when we notice that we’re anxious, we don’t immediately make a sufficient effort to change our situation, do we? Most people don’t. They never learned, practiced and mastered healthy ways to soothe the flow of chaotic energy in their bodies.

And as a result, here’s what happens.

Instead of making a concerted effort to bring greater relaxation into their lives, they ignore their feelings.

Instead of alerting their bodies to the fact that they wish to be calmer, they simply grind through it.

Instead of integrating mindfulness into the chaos, they resign to the precarious equilibrium between tensions, as opposed to a static calm.

Instead of calling a close friend, stating their emotional needs and sharing their true feelings, they isolate and numb themselves with unhealthy and unsustainable external emotional regulators like and entire box of pumpkin spice scones. Been there before.

Does that sound like the kind of person whose inner calm we can feel?

It sounds more like someone whose default approach is to create drama and stress. Someone who isn’t healthy, isn’t fulfilled, isn’t pleasant to be around, and isn’t making the kind of contribution to this world that they know they can.

A friend of mine loves to say that if you’re aware of it, you’ve already highlighted it for deletion.

Which is an inspiring notion, and our mental wellbeing requires that we take further action as well.

When the thief of anxiety sneaks in through the back door of our brains and attempts to steal our peace, let us make a sufficient effort to change our situation.

Let us reconnect to self and other.

Are you giving the world the precious gift of a peaceful presence?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter

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