Even if you look like an idiot and risk alienating those who didn’t understand

Feedback, schmeedback

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There are certain people you have to drag into understanding of what you’re trying to do. Perpetual doubters who demand answers and evidence and details before even considering cosigning your dream.

When you encounter them, run. As fast as you can. Battling a tide of nonbelievers is an exhausting, discouraging and wasteful use of your time. It doesn’t matter how closely your image of reality intersects with theirs. You’re not obliged to meet their expectations.

Years ago I launched an unconventional strategic planning framework for the consulting arm of my business. I was beyond thrilled about the project, until I made the mistake of sharing my strategy with the wrong colleague at a mastermind meeting.

Big mistake. He said it would never sell. That clients wouldn’t get it. And that I should stop wasting my time launching an unmarketable product.

I was crushed. Infuriated. Completely deflated. Momentum instantly stopped. His cynicism, aggressiveness and overall rejection of my idea convinced me the world would hate it even more. And it nearly scared me into hiding.

But after the meeting, another colleague pulled me aside and reminded me of something.

That guy’s an asshole. Don’t listen to him. Your new project is amazing. Go finish it.

That conversation saved me. It saved the project. And fast forward a few years later, that strategic planning framework is now my second biggest income stream.

Lesson learned, once you reach the point when you no longer need other people to support the decisions you’ve made about your own reality, you’re free. Free to believe, free to create, and free to follow your dreams.

Feedback is overrated.

Do you have the courage to follow your inner guide, even if you look like an idiot and risk alienating those who didn’t understand?

For a copy of the list called, “46 Marketing Mistakes Your Company Is Probably Making,” send an email to me, and you win the list for free!

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
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