Everyone in the world can kiss my ass

And other things I say out loud when I succeed

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Success bubbles to the surface several emotions.

Initially, you feel elated and confident and proud of your abilities. You smile to yourself and think, good for me. Way to go. Because you get this vision of all the hard work you put in, knowing that it finally paid off. Hell yes.

But shortly thereafter, you also start to feel powerful and vindicated and satisfied. You smile to the world and think, everyone can kiss my ass. Take that. Because you get another vision of all the dissenters who stood in your way, knowing that you succeeded despite people’s doubts and rejections and oppositions and misunderstandings about the work you do. Another hell yes.

It’s a delicious emotional cocktail, and there’s no shame in drinking every last drop. After all, you’ve earned it. And it won’t last forever. So for now, relish it. Reward yourself. Let the good things linger while they can. And when it’s time to get back to work, go out there and earn it again.

What different emotions arise when you achieve success?

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Scott Ginsberg
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