• Roy Zoaretz

    Roy Zoaretz

  • Behzod Iminov

    Behzod Iminov

  • Javier Chávez

    Javier Chávez

    Born and raised in Venezuela, living and working in Lima, Perú.

  • Zack Sylvan

    Zack Sylvan

    social media @askRegions. jersey-bred. runner. explorer. needs 3 things: tent, mountains, camera

  • Tim Enalls

    Tim Enalls

    Creator of BusinessExplained.com & AnalyticsExplained.com

  • Aidah Omar

    Aidah Omar

    Ultimate Leads Generation Consultant. Ex-chemical engineer. Lives life with passion & excellence. http://www.aidahomar.com

  • Rodrigo Arnaut

    Rodrigo Arnaut

    Technology Creativity Innovation Director at Esconderijo.xyz, engineer, teacher at FAAP. Master of Science in IA a USP (Poli), MBA (ESPM), #EraTransmidia #SET

  • Tourist In The City

    Tourist In The City

    I podcast NYC in sTeReO at *TouristInTheCity*. Here I follow people that expand my expectations. [Glorious art from the film Sita Sings The Blues]

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