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Listening for what wants to be written

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During a recent interview, the host of the show asked me how I prioritized my many projects.

But I said to him, I don’t prioritize my projects, I listen for what wants to be written. I follow my energy and check in with my body and gauge how the prospect of doing something makes me feel.

That’s my filter. If working on a project makes my insides come alive and infuses me with feelings of satisfaction and pride, I prioritize it. But if working on a project makes my stomach hurt and my skin flush and slowly overwhelms me with feelings of apathy and cynicism, I move on to something else.

I listen for what wants to be written.

And it’s nothing personal, it’s just biology. Besides, projects don’t have feelings. It’s not like they’re going anywhere. They’ll be standing by for when the time is right. That’s my system, if you can call it that.

For example, I know that I compose and perform music at a much higher level if I’ve recently exercised. In a post workout state, my blood is flowing, my muscles are loose, my brain is clear, my emotions are regulated and my vocal cords are stretched. Perfect time to write a song.

But that’s not prioritizing, that’s just being body smart. And so, the great creative discipline is simply knowing what season it is. Confronting the realities of your physical, emotional, existential and psychological inclinations. And developing an exquisite understanding of your own timing.

In fact, the word season comes from the term saison, which means, the right moment and the appropriate time. That’s the only system you need. Listen to your body loud enough, there will be no doubt in your mind which projects to prioritize.

What is your body telling you to work on, right now?

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