Get good at not going away

Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness

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Consistency allows you to be there for people.

Having the discipline to show up every day and use your art to tell the world something true in public, that act of generosity can become a source of stability for others. It can help them through their dark times.

And that’s such a beautiful thing. A renewable form of meaning that can’t be created anywhere else.

The hard part is, when youre trapped in your own loop, spending most days in quiet room with nothing but your thoughts, you really have no idea how you’re affecting people in a good way, if at all.

Some fan mail may trickle in here and there, but ultimately, you have to trust that the discipline of your consistency is paying off.

When I first started writing books, my mentor told me something I’ll never forget.

A river reaches places its source never knows.

That always inspired me to keep the current flowing. Even when I wasn’t sure what might happen downstream. Even when it seemed like the world wasn’t ready to dip its toe in my waters yet. All that mattered was the flow. Keeping the gift in motion.

Because consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness.

Hyde was accurate when he wrote that as long as the gift is not withheld, the creative spirit will remain a stranger to the economics of scarcity.

Get good at not going away.

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