Growing in your ability to be in control of yourself

Discipline, schmiscipline

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The creative process is a lifelong exercise in surrender.

As artists, we accept that we do not have magical control over the world. We bow to the universe as a chaotic and mysterious place that isn’t obligated to make us productive and pay for our dreams.

We consent that humanity isn’t mature enough to control the important things. And we embrace the fact that the only thing we have power over is our discipline.

That’s the reality of our limited control. It’s the daily practice of showing up every day and seeking what is fresh and spontaneous and interesting in the same place we looked for it yesterday.

The hard part is doing so despite ideal conditions. Meaning, practicing discipline even when we don’t feel like it.

Discipline even when we’re not having fun.

Discipline even when the world screams that we’re wrong.

Discipline even when we see no point in doing it.

Discipline even when we’re not at our best.

Discipline even when nobody’s around to correct us.

Discipline even when we’re presented with logical evidence that it isn’t working.

Discipline even when it’s inconvenient, unpopular or uncomfortable.

Discipline even when we’re forced to continue working without seeing results.

Discipline even when the data suggest there are better ways.

Next time you start to feel the controlling instinct welling up inside of you, instead of trying to white knuckle the world, simply release your grip on life and just let the discipline carry you.

Soon, you’ll gain confidence with smaller acts of control, and gradually work up to facing your larger challenges.

How are you growing in your ability to be in control of yourself?

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