Home isn’t where we live, it’s where we’re understood

The opposite of thinking that wherever you are, you would be better off somewhere else

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Belonging is the opposite of thinking that wherever you are, you would be better off somewhere else.

And if you’re lucky enough to experience it, it’s one of the most joyous and liberating feeling in the repertoire of human emotion.

Take it from somebody who struggled with belonging his whole life.

Somebody who always felt like an alien staring into the window of the party. Somebody who wondered if there were any people in the world like him.

In fact, every time I tried to join a new community of people, there was always a restless moment where I would be just waiting for somebody to ask me why I was acting weird.

Until one day, there wasn’t. Nobody seemed to take issue with my little quirks. Because I finally found places that embraced the weirdness I had to offer. And I suddenly realized:

Oh wow, these people actually see me. Pinch me, slap me and throw cold water on my face. This is home.

When you have felt so alone for so long, that sense of belonging feels like a warm hug.

Brogan said it best in book about the geeks inheriting the earth:

Fitting in often means shaving off your unique edges, hiding and masking what defines you, discarding any behaviors or appearances or images that prompt others to question you or push away from you. Belonging, though, is about finding that place where you finally let out a deep breath you had no idea you were holding and feeling with great certainty that the people around you understand you.

Proving, that home isn’t where we live, it’s where we’re understood.

How did you find the community that took the fork right out of your plastic?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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