How are you laying a foundation that builds commitment?

Productivity tip numero uno

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Commitment is the most underrated execution strategy on the planet.

All of that corporate bullshit about managing expectations and setting priorities and taking action and getting the job done and delivering results and making the final leap to achieve your goals, none of that applies to the people who truly commit.

They operate on a different plane. They live in a world where they can’t avoid doing the work because they’re not distracting themselves with anything else but the work.

Everything else is white noise.

And so, if you want to simplify your execution process, treat commitment as your catchall. The one time decision that makes a thousand future decisions so you don’t exhaust yourself. The central lever that galvanizes the whole machine. The crucial stone that kills all of the birds. The lead domino that knocks down all the others. The single activity that can be trusted to take care of everything else.

It’s more liberating than you can possibly imagine.

But that’s how commitment works. It makes your furnace burn strongly before you begin. Whether it’s yoga or writing or meditation or researching or cooking breakfast for your wife before work, it’s not a question of mood, willingness, timing, energy or environment.

Commitment trumps all of that. It’s the device that locks you into a behavior that you might otherwise dodge. The daily practice that forces you seek what is fresh and spontaneous and interesting in the same place you looked for it yesterday.

I’ve written thirty five in books fifteen years. Not because I’m amazingly productive, but because I’m absurdly committed.

There’s a difference.

How are you laying a foundation that builds commitment?

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