How are you making risk a constant practice in your life?

Risk again

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I have a drummer friend who’s stuck in creative limbo.

He’s fighting his lack of excitement around not having discovering something worth doing, struggling with his inability to turn himself over to a new creative project.

But he’s fully conscious of his creative predicament. In fact, he even has a helpful mantra for trudging through the resistance. I have to put myself in a state of risk again.

What a beautiful way to challenge yourself . What a perfect incantation to bring your creative work into new territory. Because without that mindset, you resign to taking on riskless projects. And where’s the art in that?

Besides, risk is relative. It’s whatever scares you. And so, you don’t have to jump off cliffs or invest millions of dollars or uproot your life and relocate across the country to do something risky. In fact, sometimes you simply need to ask the question, what is the emotionally riskiest subject I dare approach?

When I was in preproduction on my second movie, the fear was hitting me hard. Because unlike my first film, which was a concert documentary about creativity, identity and belonging, that project would break thematic ground for me. The film had a completely different tone and message and posture and purpose. Much more educational. A musical slash motivational master class on how to follow your dreams.

And that’s what worried me. Because I’m not a teacher by nature. Who am I to tackle that subject? Where do I get the audacity to educate people how to dream? That’s not my thing. That’s not what my audience knows me for.

And so, I fought to silence my inner saboteur that kept me from taking risks. I trusted that the world would be rewarded for the leaps I took. And along the way, I honored myself for the bravery of taking them.

The words of my friend come back to haunt. I have to put myself in a state of risk again.

How are you making risk a constant practice in your life?

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